Guiding Our Kids Through Online Safety

Online Safety for kids is like a black hole for parents. It's like everywhere you look another danger has showed up.

Ever since kids could crawl, we've been teaching them about personal safety, household safety and of course stranger danger. Let's face it, kids are dangerous in all of these areas as they grow. What we haven't been teaching them as much, is online safety. Sure, schools cover some on bullying, but not to the extent that it reaches them at home.

That's not even getting into them not talking to strangers while playing online games, or handing out their personal information when they make a post on Instagram or Snapchat. There is a lot left to be desired when we talk about online safety for kids.

In today's episode, we talk about how Boo's Battalion works with the kids on this aspect, with an emphasis on safety while chatting with others. 

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