Kiddos dish out on School

If you're considering homeschooling your kids or just curious about what it's like, check out our video! Between homeschool and public school, what is the better option? Well, it really depends on each family's preferences and resources. I mean, one upside of homeschool is the flexibility: you can keep your kids home to watch cooking shows all day if that's what makes them happy. Then there’s public school, which is known for its rigorous academics and leadership opportunities. Decisions, decisions! We switched from public school to homeschooling this year and let me tell you, it's been a wild ride! In today's episode, my kids give their take on the pros and cons of both educational options. Spoiler alert: they're Team Homeschool all the way! But they make some good points!

I’ve got to say though, these kiddos are champs and even when they were frustrated, they didn’t give up… they kept trying! They got it wrong… they kept trying! It’s an amazing thing to experience!

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