Is Your Kid Giving Out Their Phone Number to Strangers Online?

40% of kids talk to strangers online

I get asked a lot about the instance that brought Boo’s Battalion to life. It’s a hard subject, but to be quite honest it’s one that most people take for granted.

As the internet has given life to games, videos and a way to pass the time, it’s also given way to a mass of uncertainty.

Here are the facts:

  • 40% of kids talk to strangers online
  • 50% of those kids above have talked to strangers on the phone (meaning they willingly gave out their phone number)

When you break this down into digestible numbers (for an example) it looks like this:

  • 10,000 kids go online
  • 4,000 of those kids are talking to strangers online
  • 2,000 of that 4,000 hand out their personal phone numbers to strangers

What makes this even more worrisome, is that you can have all the parental controls set and they can still find a way around it to talk to people they think are ‘friends’.

Without going into a long story, that is what prompted the creation of Boo’s Battalion.

Boo couldn’t find friends in our small area, and she decided to go online, bypass all the security measures we had set up and became one of those 2,000 in our example. We wanted to give her a place where she could blossom outside of our little circle and meet other friends online!

Where do you think your kid sits in the online world? Reply to this message and let us know!

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