Kids Would Rather Save or Share…

Talking about money with kids can be difficult to do, not because of the concept of money, but because they often just focus on spending it over saving it. It’s the concept of holding onto money that seems to escape them most of the time. As a part of our Op Orders in July, we wanted to explore this subject a little further with them. It’s never too early to start introducing kids to the concepts of saving money.

I gave the kiddos one question before starting anything else. 

“What would you do if you had $100?”

My expectation was to hear them start getting excited about buying games or toys. Interestingly enough, they actually started out by saying they would spend some of it, give their family $20 each and then save the rest of the money. They wanted to share more than 50% of the money.

I mean, how many adults would have answered that way? Not many…

Even though they had some great answers, none of them were prepared for the singing Piggy Banks hahahaha. They were pretty cute as singing muppets.

That’s when we really started talking about spending, saving and sharing money. When we talked about how the piggy banks were currently used, most of them reported that they didn’t use them much at all. Which is perfectly fine, especially for the younger ones. Most of them didn’t even have enough money to warrant saving.

After the songs were done, I asked them if they would change their answer to the $100 question. No one wanted to change it, and since they were all happy to share without even thinking about budgeting, I was perfectly okay with that.

As a just for fun exercise, we practiced buying things and giving change. These kiddos are so resilient and supportive. Even when they got the amount of money wrong, they helped each other out. There was no laughing at anyone or making jesters over the wrong answers, they were just working together to make sure that the answer was correct.

This kiddos are often missing that part of the peer on peer relationships because they have trouble connecting with others. To help them experience this through Boo’s Battalion, is exactly what we set out to have happen!

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