How to Inspire Kids to Be (and Stay) More Creative

I talk about this in the podcasts, but did you know that stifling a kids ability to create causes an increase in self-doubt and learning issues?

As adults, we better understand that our co-workers don’t work the same way as we do. When it comes to the kids, we seem to forget that fact.

It’s true that we get set in our ways and sometimes it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks. But our kids are worth learning that new trick.

Our kids are work so much more than that. When we put a stop to their way of thinking, we’re telling them that it’s not okay to have a different way to do things.

That’s simply not true. If it weren’t for people thinking of different ways to handle situations, then we wouldn’t have half of the things we do now. The focus should be on if their answer or end result is correct rather than on how it got done.

I wanted to give the kids a chance to see this for themselves, so the last few weeks we have been creating things!

We had them design their own T-Shirts (that we’re going to make) and our founding group of Squad Members are getting to help pick out the Boo’s Battalion Creed. Something to help give them strength whenever they need it!

We’re posting it all on our Facebook and Instagram - so go there to check out all the recent designs!

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