7 Fun Activities for 4th of July

There’s no shortage of fun activities for 4th of July. With Summer at it’s highest, pools and lakes brimming with inspiration and the fireworks to provide some much needed stimulation. Just because we know there’s a lot to do, does not mean that we can’t add a few more ideas!

Simply put, check out this list for some fun activities to engage on with the whole family!

Backyard Camping

You either love or hate real camping. Backyard camping can change all of that. You’re near any restrooms for emergencies, you can go inside if the bug repellent isn’t working and you don’t have to worry about other people randomly walking by. This is a perfect activity for those of us with kiddos that get anxious about everything. You’re providing a great experience, while giving them the comfort they need.

Make it even more special by setting up a little fire using the Grill and get your s’mores skills on!

Patriotic Star Wreath

Such a cute idea from The Resourceful Mama! All you really need is the paper, glue and ribbon. I suggest adding some glitter paints to add a little more pizazz. Kids are going to love taking part in this. The instructions are pretty simple. Use a paper plate or something sturdy to make the back wreath design, cut out some blue, red and/or white stars and glue them on the plate. Lastly add some ribbons.

4th of July Bingo

This is something we’ll be doing during the month, but you can do it even better! Sure, you can find any online version of bingo and use that for the kiddos. They will have fun. Just not as much fun as the other way.

If you remember, there used to be a game you’d play in the car on long road trips. It was like bingo, but the point was that you had to actually see it on the drive in order to mark it off. (I know, I’m showing my age here)

Do the same with this Bingo. Make you’re own Bingo card(s), and place words or pictures of things that go with the holiday that you know your kiddos can find. Then send them out to go find them! Great activity to get them away from those games and will provide some mental stimulation as well!

fun activities for fourth of July

Play a Board Game

For some of us, the traditional activities on the 4th of July are a bit too stimulating for them. We’ve had a 4th or two where some of us were stuck in the house because the noises and bugs were too much. We didn’t let that stop us from having fun and neither should you!

One way we made sure it was still memorable is putting the TV on some national fireworks show and then we setup a board game. Or the Pie In The Face game. That one never fails to entertain.

Play a Card Game

Sounds similar to the above, and could be. But this activity is for the car. One thing that is certain, is that we have to give our kids trials to help them surpass their fears. Sometimes, that includes going out to experience the 4th. Sometimes, that means having a backup plan for if things go awry.

Card games are the perfect activity for this. They are great to play in the car, with headphones on to protect for the loud booms. Plus, now you’re helping those kiddos work through their stimulation issues by giving them a positive memory to associate with something scary. Great things all around!

Sundae Bar

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM! Hahaha, best thing ever to come out of childhood. Anyways, ice cream is a staple to have when spending lots of time out in the heat. An ice cream sundae bar, well that’s just the cherry on top!

Grab some berries, bananas, granola and yes even some candy pieces. Get a few different types of ice cream. Let them go to town for this one night. They’ll thank you for it!


I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t have stuff on hand to make a fort. The kids imagination will take your idea and turn it into a pirate ship heading into a giant sharknado… or something.

Grab some boxes, blankets and whatever else you can spare. Make it big enough and you could combine this with camping! Now that will really get the imagination running at full speed for them.

fun activities

As always, this is not going to include everything. But, here’s a hint - Let your imagination run wild. The kids will be able to find things that pique their interest no matter what you do. It’ll be a lot more fun if Mom & Dad are letting loose just enough to help their ideas come to life.

Even our kiddos with special needs or sensory issues want to enjoy this holiday. We don’t have to keep them away from it completely to protect them. We don’t have to shove it in their face either. What we do need to do is work with them to take tiny steps towards helping them fully enjoy what 4th has to offer.

Need some help coming up with that perfect in between? Let us help you!

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