A Complete Guide to The Best Christmas Gifts for Autistic Child

Are you finding it difficult to choose the best Christmas gifts for autistic child this holiday season? You’re not alone! With all the available options, it can be overwhelming for any parent. 

But don't worry; we are here to help ease your mind with our top-notch present guide. Our list has everything you need to treat your little one in 2022 – from entertaining educational activities and fun games, to soothing sensory items.

Get ready to take on a holiday shopping spree and make sure that Christmas celebrations with an autistic child is as special as ever this year!

8 Life-saving autism Christmas gifts

For a special kid with special needs, nothing is more heartwarming than thoughtful Christmas gifts tailored to their individual challenges and interests. Whether you're looking for something that can improve an autistic kid's sensory awareness or just give them something fun to enjoy during the holidays, there are endless options! 

Best Christmas Gifts for Autistic Child

1. Puzzles and brainteasers

Puzzles and brainteasers make great Christmas gifts for autistic people for many reasons. These gifts are the perfect choice for providing stimulation without overwhelming sensory overload.

Puzzles and brainteasers can offer mental challenges that help to boost problem-solving skills, while simultaneously calming the nervous system by providing a creative outlet in an entertaining way. 

Not only do puzzles and brainteasers strengthen relationship bonds between individuals solving them together, they also provide hours of fun to entertain kids between the Christmas festivities—making them an all-round fantastic present idea!

2. Arts and crafts supplies

Arts and crafts can be a great way to help autistic children express themselves, socialize, and foster an appreciation of fine motor skills. For the Christmas season, gift-giving arts and crafts supplies help facilitate the exploration of these areas, while also providing an opportunity for enjoyment and creativity.

Not only do arts and crafts offer kids with autism captivating activities to delve into, but such activities have been noted to have beneficial effects on learning, motor skills, sensory integration and problem-solving—all important benefits for children on the autism spectrum. 

Arts and Crafts is a perfect holiday gift for autistic kids, for it enables them to explore their senses in a fun environment—promising healthy development objectives as well as delightful experiences during this special time of year!

3. Action figures

Not only do action figures provide a fun distraction for kids throughout the holiday period—they also help to structure their days by providing something familiar to focus on. By creating scenes and engaging in pretend play with their action figures, autistic kids are provided with the chance to practice their social interaction and communication skills in a safe and imaginative way.

As an added bonus, these same dynamic toys can also contribute to developing basic motor and cognitive skills as they grow. 

You can buy them the figure of their favorite TV show or superhero. Also, many figures come in sets, like the Legos, so they can build a lot of things!

4. Sensory toys

Sensory toys are one of the bests Christmas gifts for autistic child thanks to their multifaceted benefit. Beyond providing entertainment and interaction, sensory toys help those with autism develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and an understanding of cause and effect—all while having fun! 

Sensory toys don't require verbal commands or directions, making them much easier for autistic children to understand. And because these gifts come in a variety of shapes, designs, and colors, you can choose something that best suits your child's particular strengths and interests. 

5. Books and comic books

Books and comic books offer stimulating, imaginative worlds that can provide hours of delightful distraction. They serve as an invaluable communication tool: between an adult who reads to a child, children who read together, and the reader who dives into a story alone. 

Plus, the holidays are a perfect time to show them how much their interests are respected and encouraged—from their favorite series to stories that match their own level of reading proficiency. 

Autistic children may not become more verbal through reading, but it can help them become more socially aware and improve literacy skills; combine that with epic adventures within books and comics, and you get a winning combination!

 Christmas gifts for Kids

6. Velcro ball toss 

Velcro ball toss games are great autism outdoor toys, especially since they meet the top criteria of being both fun and functional. This type of game is multisensory and encourages development in autistic children—it can improve balance, eye to hand coordination, motor planning, and spatial awareness. 

The versatility of a Velcro that the balls attach to also allows kids to use their imaginations while they develop physical skills and increase their awareness within an environment. 

Furthermore, these games provide instant satisfaction when a Velcro ball lands on its target, so autistic kids stay engaged in the activities and can even practice competing with each other as well as themselves. 

7. Board games

Board games help children develop their social and problem-solving skills in an enjoyable and stress-free way. It also encourages cooperation, communication, and taking turns – all important lessons that are often difficult to teach. 

Even better, board games can be shared with the whole family, regardless of age or ability. This creates an enjoyable bonding experience where everyone can laugh and learn together

8. Noise-canceling headphones or weighted blankets

No matter the age, noise-canceling headphones or weighted blankets make for amazing gifts for children with autism. Noise-canceling headphones reduce ambient noise that can be overwhelming for autistic kids and often lead to anxiety-filled meltdowns.

Weighted blankets provide deep pressure stimulation when draped over an autistic child, resulting in calming effects and improved sleep quality. 

Whether they’re unwrapping their headphones or weighted blanket, these thoughtful presents show an understanding of the special needs of an autistic child all while being incredibly practical, efficient and multi-functional!

4 Quick tips to find the best Christmas gifts for autistic people

With the start of the holiday season, the age-old hassle of finding the perfect Christmas gifts quickly returns. This task is particularly difficult when looking for Christmas gifts for autistic people! However, there are a few tips and tricks you can keep in mind to make gift shopping easier. 

  1. Firstly, think about their likes and dislikes: some may have sensory sensitivities that can provide useful guidance; others may prefer something more traditional. 

  2. Consider what kinds of activities they enjoy: items such as musical instruments or construction sets may be great choices. 

  3. Get creative! Personalized presents go a long way in showing how much your loved one is cared for. 

  4. Try to engage with resource centers or professionals that work with autistic people who may have valuable insight in terms of what they may find useful or interesting. 

There you have it! 8 Christmas gifts for autistic child and 5 little tips that will help you pick the best gift ever! 

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Happy Holidays!

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